10 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Refrigerator

Posted by Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 5th August 2016

Keeping your refrigerator clean and organized not only makes you feel better but can also help you preserve the quality of your food and make it last longer. In a messy fridge we can easily forget what products we have there, and food can become rotten and go to waste. Besides, trying to find things in a cluttered cooler might put your patience and sanity to the test and make you feel like your fridge is too small.

1. Putting large containers on the shelves

Simply buy large plastic containers, label them (meats, fish, seafood, etc.), and enjoy a tidy and organized fridge. Visit this website to get even more ideas.

2. Using binder clips for bagged foods

Now you can kill two birds with one stone: binder clips will keep your food bags closed while also making better use of the refrigerator's dead space. Learn more about this idea here.

3. Using an egg tray for sauce bottles

Are the shelves in your refrigerator door cluttered with all sorts of sauce bottles? If so, use this tutorial and you'll forget about this cluttered chaos.

4. Storing seasonal greens in Mason jars

Your salads will stay fresh much longer. Besides, this trick will make your fridge look neat and organized. Click here for details.

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