10 Foods That Will Turn Your Mouth A Different Color

Posted by Muk Khatri in Food On 4th August 2018

Here are 10 foods discussed below that turn your mouth a different color, you probably won't like it.


This classic candy's powder turns your mouth vivid shades of blue, purple, pink, red and green, depending on which flavor you pick. Fun indeed!


Basically a wild blueberry, these European and Asian fruits are a deep, dark blue that will stain your teeth and pretty much anything else they came inn contact with - a purple black hue.


This juicy fruit drink isn't just insanely refreshing It also has the power to completely transform the color of your mouth, both inside and out, giving you the classic "Kool-Aid Smile".


Lat year Oreo and Peep teamed up to crete this cookie. filled with pink Peeps icing. What they didn't tell you is that eating one could turn your tongue and saliva a shocking shade of hot pink - sometimes for an entire day!

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