10 Secrets You Should Know About WWE Diva Paige

Posted by Umar Yousaf in Sports On 1st December 2016

One of the standout stars of NXT, Paige was first Women's Champion. Hailing from England, she defeated the amazing AJ Lee, who we already miss, to become the Divas Champion.

At 23 years old, Paige is one of the youngest Divas competitors, having won the title at age 21 and the youngest ever. She was inspired to her women's wrestling greatness by both her parents. Her mother’s name was Sweet Saraya.

Take a look At Some Interesting Facts of the Infamous WWE Star Paige.

#1 She was only 13 years old when her brother died.

Paige was so upset about her brother's death.

#2 She’s now in a relationship with ex WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

They look amazing as a couple. They were caught in a picture where they were kissing each other.

#3 Her Mom: Sweet Saraya is her best friend

Paige and her mother were once tag team champions.

#4 She’s one of the highest-paid WWE Stars.

Her current net worth is about 3.5 Million Dollars.

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