10 Times Tragedy Struck During Sports Events

Posted by Muk Khatri in Sports On 13th October 2015

#1 Hillsborough stadium disaster

Hillsborough stadium in England witnessed a big loss of lives on April 15, 1989 where 96 people died and 766 injured in a human crush during FA Cup semi-final match. Liverpool and Nottingham Forest were playing. People tried to enter in the stadium forcefully, crossing the turnstiles created a huge mess. Cops tried to open the emergency gates, but the situation was out of control. Hundreds of people were trapped in collapsed fences and the condition turned terrible. The poor security system and scary stadium design are blamed for the incident.

#2 Accra Sports stadium stampede

On 1st May 2001, the fierce stampede at Ohene Djan Sports Stadium in Accra led to the deaths of 127 during a match between Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club and Asante Kotoko. Right after the victory of Accra Hearts, the disappointed Kotoko fans started throwing plastic bottles and seats on the pitch. Police troops fired tear gas to disperse the crowd which resulted in a massive stampede. Later, police was blamed for over-reacting.

#3 Munich massacre

The attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany is remembered bitterly as Munich massacre in sports history. Palestinian group "Black September" kidnapped and killed 11 Israeli players. During the rescue attempt, five out of eight attackers were killed. In the above photograph, a masked kidnapper is seen.

#4 Heysel Stadium tragedy

This incident occurred on 29 May 1985 during the European Cup match between Juventus and Liverpool and 39 people died. Liverpool supporters breached a fence towards the supporters of Juventus. While people were rushing, it affected the poor wall of the stadium and it collapsed. Later, the English clubs were banned from European competition for five years and for Liverpool, it was a six year ban. The riot left 14 fans convicted of manslaughter.

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