15 Most Unrecognizable Celebrities Post Fame

Posted by Sama in Entertainment On 11th January 2017

Sometimes appearance changes can really disturb us. When the celebrity that we once knew and loved seems to have changed completely, whatever the reason may be, it is still shocking when the celebrity you once recognized is no longer there post-fame. Which brings us to a review of some of these stars. Here are the 15 most unrecognizable celebrities post fame.

#1. Tara Reid

Remember Tara Reid from American Pie? She was so hot! It seemed that she was at the height of her career when she went under the knife in 2004. Reid has admitted that she has always had issues with her tummy, but it's anyone's guess just what issue she could have had. Anyhow, for whatever reason she opted for liposuction and breast implants, which went horribly wrong.

Some say that her party days caught up with her, while others speculate that more work has been done, or that she is anorexic. Why such a beauty would feel so much pressure to change herself post fame is questionable. It seems that she fell victim to shaming herself, but now people body shame her for being too skinny. She claims that if it were the other way around she would be shamed for being fat. Nowadays her biggest roles are in the Sharknado franchise.

#2. Jim Carrey

I guess you could say that Jim Carrey has been through the ringer for the last couple of years. It most definitely shows as he is pretty much unrecognizable post fame. His brand of comedy was so sublime by the 90s, that he easily coasted into the 20th century. However, sometime after that he began to lose his way. Once his career began to crumble Carrey started taking up causes. He even rallied against the Second Amendment on Twitter, while renouncing his own role in Kick Ass 2, claiming it was too violent.

By the time he met Cathriona White, his career was already crumbling and he quickly became unrecognizable. In fact, his appearance has become barely comparable to the smiling comedian he once was. He has grown a beard, gained weight, and at one point he even grew out his hair. It didn't help matters much when, quite tragically, White committed suicide last year. I guess you could say that he has let himself go for good reason..

#3. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's road to becoming unrecognizable is a tragic, trainwreck of a tale. Going into the celebrity business, she was a smart beautiful child. She turned into a megastar bombshell following her role in Mean Girls! The fame and money were more than young Lilo could handle and she got caught up in drugs. By the time she was 21 her partying had already begun to catch up with her looks.

In 2013, Lindsay tried to revive her career. By then her face and body only barely resembled the redheaded fireball who once held Hollywood in the palm of her hand. At one point her hair was bleach blonde and she appeared to be in her late 40s. Her face was dried up and hollowed out, her body sagged over her bones, and her eyes appeared to have lost their glow. Lindsay attempted plastic surgery to recover a resemblance of who she once was, but she is still far from being recognizable post fame.

#4. Nicole Kidman

"I am completely natural. I wear sunscreen, I don't smoke and I take care of myself, and I am proud to say that." This is what Nicole Kidman has said in response to criticism about plastic surgery. Kidman was always a timeless beauty, although by 2009 her face looked as though it had been pulled into place! In fact, there is barely any resemblance to her old self, other than her eyes peering out at you, of course.

However, such a drastic change by the time she was only 29 seemed unnecessary. She was already a beautiful woman known for her signature look in Far and Away, which is where she started her climb to fame. Yet, she had began to change by the time she co-starred in Eyes Wide Shut. A couple years later and that timeless beauty was nowhere to be seen. She is still beautiful, but in an entirely unrecognizable way post fame.

#5. Johnny Depp

What in the world happened to Johnny Depp? This is the question that has been floating among both fans and news sources for the past year. In 2014, Depp still resembled his older, yet still dashing self. By 2015, he was photographed at the Venice Film Festival and his appearance was quite a shock! He was completely unrecognizable as he appeared to have packed on quite a few pounds. His face was described as bloated, along with his body. It has been well-known that Depp has had problems with alcohol.

Depp's career is still going, even if it isn't going as strong, but what happened to the heartthrob from Don Juan Demarco, Pirates of the Caribbean and 21 Jump Street? It seems that Depp has begun to let himself go, making him entirely unrecognizable post fame. Oh, there is also that thing with his teeth. Surely he could afford a dentist! The man owns his own private island in the Bahamas for Pete's sake.

#6. Renée Zellweger

Renée Zellweger stole your heart with her beauty and syrupy sweetness in Jerry Maguire! She made you laugh alongside Jim Carrey in Me, Myself, & Irene! Then went on to be the middle of every woman's favorite love triangle in the Bridget Jones's Diary saga! Yes, she did become a little goofy and more on the plump side by that point, but her character was someone everyone could relate to.

Now however, her fans can't get over how unrecognizable she has become. Especially, with the recently released Bridget Jones's Baby, which she allegedly refused to gain weight for. Her biggest noticeable change post fame has been her face. Renée always had one of those signature looks that really matched her voice in a way. She has fought off comments about the possibility of her having gotten work done, but now she is so unrecognizable it's impossible to deny!

#7. Kim Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian-West, where has the time gone? She catapulted to fame following the benefits of her "tape" with Ray J. Back then she was just Kim Kardashian and she was a beauty, but also looked nothing like she does post fame. She had a more ordinary, yet sexy body! A beautiful face, and smoldering, dark brown eyes! Then came 2007, the "tape", and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her post fame look began to take on a form of its own as the years flew on by. Her famous butt, chest, and waist were the first to change shape!

Now it appears that Kim's face has transformed into almost a completely different face. I guess you could chalk some of it up to make-up, but fitness alone can't explain the rest. There is no doubt that she was already beautiful, however, had she not become unrecognizable would she still have found such fame?

#8. Rihanna

In some cases a celebrity might become unrecognizable post fame, and manage to do it just right! As is the case with Rihanna. You can tell that the young girl who was already beautiful is still in there somewhere. This is why we love Rihanna. However, with the glamorous makeup, hair and the possibility that she may have had some work done, she is still very unrecognizable post fame.

Before Umbrella, Diamonds, and all of the fame Rihanna was known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Post fame it has since been suggested that her nose is shaped differently, and that she got a boob job. One thing about Rihanna is that she had a pretty tough life before fame, which she claims gave her the tough skin to deal with the pressure.

#9. Jeff Cohen

Ok, this guy isn't famous anymore, but we just couldn't resist. It's Chunk! Here is one celebrity that you definitely wouldn't recognize post fame. At least, you wouldn't have if you hadn't seen the now version posted directly beside his younger self. One good reason for this is that Jeff Cohen quit acting a very long time ago. In fact, he actually claimed he was forced into retirement by puberty.

Jeff Cohen is now an attorney and is co-founder of the firm Cohen & Gardner. Cohen has also stayed very proud of is role as Chunk throughout his entire life. He even used an old Goonies photo and the slogan "Chunk for President" to get voted president of the Associated Students at UC Berkeley. He also made good use of the infamous Truffle Shuffle on the sidelines of college football games, just in case you were wondering.

#10. Kylie Jenner

We watched Kylie Jenner grow from a beautiful little girl, to a plastic, bronzed, Botoxed, bombshell! She grew up in the public eye under her famous older sisters tutelage in Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She may be the second highest paid Kardashian-Jenner now, but that still doesn't erase the fact that she is unrecognizable from the cute kid she once was.

Kylie has discussed how uncomfortable she was with her thin lips once on the show. She profusely denied having any work done and chalked up her face changes to her lipliner skills. Now with her extra plump booty, lips, and possibly even her nose, it really makes denial kind of hard. Don't you think? Kylie was already beautiful before, but post fame Kylie seems to have paid-off. At least when it comes to her wallet and fame, but where is that pretty little girl from her childhood pictures? Bet that's going to be hard for her to explain.

#11. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz's beauty has always been evident. She has wowed us as both a model and actress for years. You've got admit that Cameron Diaz could make funny look sexy like no other. Is there anyone else who could use sperm for hair gel, and still look hot? Even if it was in a really goofy kind of way, as was the case in There's Something About Mary.

That wasn't the beginning or the end of Diaz's illustrious film career, although Diaz has changed quite a bit post fame. Never one to shy away from the truth, Diaz has never denied having work done. Diaz had a nose job in 2006 and she has even spoke negatively about her Botox experiences. "I'd rather see my face aging than a face that doesn't belong to me at all" the actress once claimed. The only thing is, Cameron has been almost unrecognizable since The Mask.

#12. Meg Ryan

It appears above that Meg Ryan's new look even has her old self baffled! Meg Ryan was another timeless beauty, who went way too far trying to stay young. Meg was untouchable when it came to her wholesome looks and talent, but that was back in her Sleepless in Seattle days. She was just as stunning five years later in You've Got Mail, although by 2008 she was on the comeback list. It was around this time that her attitude got a tad bit more snarky too.

Once known as America's sweetheart, Ryan was fast becoming yesterday's news. That is until last year when she popped up at the Tony Awards with her face and lips appearing very bloated and extra stretched. She was so unrecognizable that her face was trending on Twitter! A week later she showed up on the red carpet at the Shanghai Film Festival, looking just a little more like her old self. However, she is still unrecognizable from the beauty she once was.

#13. Macaulay Culkin

Much like the other child stars on this list, Macaulay Culkin skyrocketed to fame and became unrecognizable! Although, there is a little more to it than just that. Looking at him now your first thought is probably ‘what the heck', but Culkin obviously had some rough years. He quit acting at only 14, mostly because his father was spending up a lot of his money after the Home Alone franchise and Richie Rich.

Culkin went on to drop out of height school and got married post fame. Then there was a divorce and that long relationship with Mila Kunis. Bet you forgot about that! Somewhere in the mix were some real drugs, along with his role in the movie Party Monster. Later there were more drugs and by then, Culkin began to look unrecognizable and incredibly frightening. As for now, I'm happy to say that he has cleaned up his act, although his party years had already dealt his appearance a pretty rough blow.

#14. Nicki Minaj

Where do I even begin? Nicki Minaj is about as fake as anyone can get. Is she hot? Yes! Smokin' hot, with a thick booty and a very large chest. However, it's not her! Or at least it wasn't her until she found fame, then she starting rapping about Anacondas. She kinda became unrecognizable too, just in case you didn't notice. Fans who loved underground Nicki didn't even know what she really looked like. Who knows, maybe Nicki doesn't know what she once looked like anymore!

While the pic on the left seems slightly photoshopped, the real Nicki Minaj had relatively no booty, was thin as a rail, and had a face that was pretty, but not glammed up. There also weren't any outrageous wigs. If there was ever anyone who was unrecognizable post fame it would be Nicki Minaj. She is hands down unrecognizable!

#15. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was another stunning actress. Her career was ended abruptly for a couple of reasons. One reason was because of how unrecognizable she became post fame. She found her first real success as Baby, the young lover of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing! However, Grey was at the highlight of her fame when she dropped out of the spotlight after Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Grey opted to have a rhinoplasty before making her return in the early 90s, but it went horribly wrong. She ended up having to undergo a second in order to fix the first! The second left her virtually unrecognizable. Grey found it hard to break back into acting, without her signature look that fans recognized. Grey ended up making one cameo appearance on Friends, but nobody knew who she was. She finally found a little success by starring as herself in It's Like, You Know, which was a sitcom on CBS where she was the butt of her own jokes.

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