6 More Useful Life Hacks That We All Should Know

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 4th February 2018

What's life without shortcuts? Long and boring that's what. That's why lifehacks are so cool. They are shortcuts that can save you time and money because really everyone could use a little more of both. Check out these cool hacks.

#1 Do you hate spam mail as much as I do?

Try out this hack the next time you receive unwanted offers in the mail. This should get the point across that you are not interested for a little while at least.

#2 The best beach hack ever.

If you want to keep your beach area free of sand try this nifty fitted sheet hack. It makes a huge difference.

#3 How old is the bread you buy?

Did you know that bread is color coded? The twist ties that keep the bag closed also tell you what day the bread was made. Good information to have on hand.

#4 Want to see things much clearer?

With this hack, you can use your smart phone to see the tiniest things. All you need is a laser pointer a bobby pin and some tape. Amazing.

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