7 Amazing Uses For Baby Powder In Your Daily Routine

Posted by Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 8th May 2018

Baby powder is not just for babies. This white powder can do much more in your daily routine. Here are 7 amazing uses discussed in this article.

#1 Tangled Necklace

Baby powder can help you to untangle chains easily. Just sprinkle the powder on the chain and pull it apart.

#2 Acne Cleanse

Instead of paying for expensive acne creams, use this baby powder mask for good result. Mix water and baby powder in a small bowl to make a thick mask. Apply on your face then peel to clear acne.

#3 Matte Nail Polish

Brushing on nail polish with baby powder gives it a matte look. So now you don't have to buy expensive nail polish.

#4 Greasy Hair

You may wash your hair regularly but it can still look greasy, so use this hack for oily hair. Just sprinkle the powder on your comb. Now comb your hair and get rid of greasy hair.

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