A Researcher Claims There Is A Hidden Message In Da Vinci’s Last Supper Painting

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 3rd August 2016

A Milan-based Researcher claims Da Vinci included a HIDDEN message in his famous painting of The Last Supper.


According to researchers, there is a hidden message inside Leonardo da Vinci's version of the Last Supper that points to the possibility that Jesus was MORTAL.

The last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci isn't the only existing version. However, Leonardo's version is believed to be far more unique than anyone had ever thought, and a research4re believes he has identified a ‘hidden' message that Leonardo embedded into the painting.

What if it were true? And what if Leonardo da Vinci's paintings have, in fact, a mystery or two just as the fictional story of The Da Vinci Code once suggested?


Other paintings depict Jesus and his 13 subjects as saints, but Da Vinci's paintings are unique, and now a researcher believes he may have discovered the reason why da Vinci decided to leave out the halos surrounding Jesus and his disciples.

According to a researcher, Leonardo Da Vinci left out the traditional ‘halos' surrounding Jesus and his disciples in order to show Jesus was a ‘common mortal'.


In a video presented by the Smithsonian Channel, Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings is perhaps the most widely recognized, but it isn't the only version of the Last Supper.

Other Versions of the painting are eerily similar to one another, but Leonardo's version has one DETAIL that sets them apart: Leonardo's paintings does NOT have halos.


In Da Vinci's version, not only are his disciples portrayed without halos, even Jesus has his halo missing.

The video published by the Smithsonian Channel explains:

"Before Leonardo da Vinci, all versions of The Last Supper showed Jesus and his disciples with halos, in effect, portraying them as saints, but, da Vinci chose to ignore this convention and paint them without halos."

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