After 13 Years Bessie Finally Breaks Silence With Sister's Song

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Feel Good On 18th August 2018

Bessie suffers from a very rare syndrome. Her condition refers to as a variant of Landau Kleffner syndrome. She hasn't spoken for 13 years and when she finally broke the silence, everyone was stunned.

Best sisters with unbreakable bond.

Bessie and Ernestine can't live without each other even for a single day. These two sisters share a very special and beautiful bond and are never seen apart though they never even had a proper conversation in their life. But still there bond is unbreakable and very strong.

“If you see me, you’re going to see her too. I can’t be away from her no longer than she can be away from me,” Ernestine said.

Bessie is a very special child.

Bessie is not a normal child. She hasn't spoken once in her thirteen years of life. That is why she and her sister's bond is very unique. Her family at first used to think that Bessie's speaking ability is developing slowly but four years ago, she finally got a diagnosis after a life-threatening seizure.

She suffers from a rare kind of syndrome.

Her doctor named Dr. Daniel Arndt, from Beaumont Hospital, told that her condition can be referred to as a variant of Landau Kleffner syndrome.

But recently a miracle happened in Bessie's life.

“The child has an excessive amount of abnormal brainwave activity while she is sleeping,” Dr. Arndt said.

These seizures caused her to have difficulty in language progression. Her family was told that she would never be able to speak and when she finally broke the silence her family couldn't believe. It's a life changing miracle for her family.

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