Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Say WTF

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 18th May 2018

#5 Freaking hipsters man.

If you wanted another reason to despise hipsters, here you go. This is pretty freaking stupid if you ask me but hey to each his own.

#6 Oh, Japan! You so silly.

You can buy pretty much anything in Japan. Feeling like having a good cry? Don't worry, just hire a hot guy to come in and wipe away your tears for you. See you can buy anything.

#7 Take that pollution!

The fact that this man is selling canned air isn't what's shocking about this. No, it's the fact that he has made millions of dollars doing so!

#8 Might as well just take them out!

In China, if you hit someone in a vehicle you might as well finish the job because if not you are going to have to pay for their healthcare. If they die you just pay a one time fine. Geez.

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