If You’ve Ever Considered Getting Family Stickers For Your Car, You Need To Know THIS

Posted by Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 30th May 2016

Those funny family stickers are cute and all... But are you revealing too much information?

#1 So Many To Choose From

There are now thousands of designs you can choose from when putting family fun stickers on your back window. You can express yourself, show what your occupation is, what you enjoy doing for entertainment, and how many members are in your family, just by your choice in stickers. But even though the selection to choose from is seemingly endless when it comes to choosing family stickers to put on the back of your car, there's something you should know.

#2 T.M.I.

Not only do the stickers share what your family's interests are, but they might actually reveal a little more information than that. Authorities are now warning that 'My Family' stickers can give away too much personal information, and may make you a target for creative criminals looking for their next hit.

#3 Vulnerabilities Of Your Family

The stickers might be putting your home security at a disadvantage. Criminals might be more likely to follow and attack/burglarize a single mother with young children, as opposed to a bigger family with the proper defenses. And to make it worse, if you add bumper stickers to your car you could be telling criminals exactly where you will be when the next game is being played or what you'll be doing in your spare time. Your parking pass may even show where you live or work.

#4 Military Or Team Pride

If you're placing anything related to the military or unit a family member in, you could be alerting criminals as well. Though it might fill you with pride to share that a member of the military lives with you, it could make you a bigger target for thieves. It could mean that that member could be on duty a lot, leaving the family weaker against an attacker or thief.

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