Japanese Cheesecake Is The Comfort Food We All Need Right Now

Posted by Editorial Staff in Food On 10th November 2016

Sometimes, the only thing that makes your day better is some comfort food. For me, it's all of the things that are terrible for me, like sweets, cakes, candies, chocolates, basically anything that'll make sure my big ass gets even bigger and my love handles become even more pronounced.

But out of all the decadent comfort foods, there are fewer ones that I enjoy more than a nice slice of cheesecake.

And these ridiculously fluffy Japanese ones have got me currently cursing my diet


It's awesome texture is attained by whisking the cake's egg whites separately before adding them to the mix. This makes the dessert more airy.


Uncle Tetsu is a popular Japanese cheesecake chain that sell a fluffy, spongey, delicious dessert that's unlike any cheesecake you've ever had before.

#3 People says it is too easy to make like Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake at home.

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