Mathematicians Warn That We Could Experience A Mini Ice Age By The Year 2030

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Science and Technology On 8th January 2018

I bet you think it is pretty darn cold already. Just wait until the year 2030 hits. Scientists say that is when they estimate that we should enter a mini ice age. Temperatures are predicted to start dropping as early as the year 2021 and will have catastrophic consequences.

A mathematical model was used to determine the possibility of a mini ice age. It was developed at Northumbria University, and it measures the change in solar radiation, sun spots, and other solar activity that occurs over an 11-year cycle. The mathematicians that used this model have said that solar activity is likely to fall sharply and trigger a phenomenon called the Maunder Minimum.

The Maunder Minimum describes the 11-year period where sunspots had become extremely rare back in 1646 and1715, causing a mini ice age. The temperature had dropped so much that the River Thames froze over.

A mini ice age in our time could have worse consequences than that. Valentina Zharkova who is a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University did say that the upcoming mini ice age will be shorter than the last one was. She said, "The upcoming Maunder Minimum is expected to be shorter than the last one in the 17th century (five solar cycles of 11 years). It will be lasting about three solar cycles."

The connection between the Earth's climate and solar activity is an area that is still being researched. Even though there is a correlation between colder temperatures and decreased solar activity, there are a lot of other factors involved.

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