MMA Fighter Reveals Disgusting Offer Fan Made After She Pooed In Her Shorts

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Sports On 5th July 2017

When the UFC returned to Oklahoma, a new viral sensation was born in Justine Kish.

Although the subject of her new found fame is surrounded by an unfortunate in-Octagon accident, she’s making due with what she’s ben dealt.

#1 What a shitty moment.

Justine Kish just wants to forget her short soiling incident during her fight with Felice Herrig, but one creepy UFC fan wants to immortalize that moment forever.

#2 Speaking of shit, you may have recently read about UFC fighter Justine Kish.

#3 Kish is the poor MMA fighter who, to put it politely, emptied her bowels during a nasty choke hold inside the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 112.

#4 In a new interview with Submission Radio, the UFC female explained how a fight fan offered her $15,000.00 to buy the fight shorts she pooped in while fighting Felice Herrig.

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