Pics Of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Want You To See

Posted by Abdul Rafay in Sports On 23rd February 2017

Deserved or not, that debate remains up in the air. Some believe everything he has in his career is because of his relationship to Stephanie, while others believe his passion and dedication for the business led him to this point. Whatever your opinion might be, you cannot deny his incredible work ethic nowadays, working countless hours at NXT, the WWE’s head office and as a dad outside of the ring.

#1 With Sable By His Side

Sable and Hunter would continue with the storyline, as eventually Marc Mero would come to her rescue and her career would take off from that point. Looking at the history books, Stephanie wants the WWE Universe to remember her and only her, as Triple H’s manager when it’s all said and done. The record books will prove otherwise, however.

#2 Double Dates With Chyna

Outside the business, the couple toured together and this picture shows them enjoying some quality time alongside Kevin Nash and his wife. Nash and Hunter remain close friends today, as Kevin is still featured on WWE Network programming. The same however cannot be said for Chyna who is rarely featured on any WWE content and it remains to be seen if and when the company will decide to properly induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame even with her tragic passing.

#3 Pregnant Steph & Uninterested Hunter

Throughout her run in the 2000s, Stephanie took various departures from the company. The reason was simple and that was to start a family. Steph’s first child came in July of 2006 as the couple welcomed a baby girl, Aurora Rose. The couple would go on to have two other children shortly after, Murphy Claire in 2008 and Vaughn Evelyn in 2010. Despite the hectic schedule of both Triple H and Stephanie, the couple have managed to find a balance both in and out of the ring. This picture however, does show some troubling times and Hunter looks quite uninterested as he poses for the candid shot. In the background, is a very pregnant looking Stephanie. Those times were a difficult adjustment period for the couple, but they’ve pulled it together today finding great balance in and out of the squared circle.

#4 The Days Of Telling Women To Lift Their Shirts

With Triple H in power of DX, he continued the edgy material which made him a big fan favorite. One of the moments that the male demographic remembers well was seeing Hunter tell women to pull up their tops and show the audience their “puppies”. In this instance, the female obliged and she created quite the moment which basically summed up the wildness of the Attitude Era. Looking at the state of the WWE and how high women Superstars are nowadays, Steph would love to suppress this picture forever.

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