Reasons Why WWE Fans Should Be Excited About Goldberg’s Return

Posted by Michael Avery in Sports On 17th October 2016

“For twelve years, everyone in the WWE Universe keeps asking that same question, ‘What if?’” Paul, 51, said during the Oct. 10 episode of WWE’s RAW. “What if there’s just one more spear? What if there’s just one more Jackhammer? What if, even if it’s just for one more night, we could all experience – GOLDBERG.”

Paul’s challenge wasn’t just because he’s a fan of Bill, 51, and his legendary undefeated streak during WCW. It’s because at WrestleMania XX in 2004, Bill did what few have been able to do – beat Brock, 39, in the center of the ring! That loss still haunts Paul and Brock, and “The Beast Incarnate” wanted his advocate to challenge Goldberg to the rematch.

“You can live in the fantasy of WWE 2K17, where you can remain – sir! – the one blemish on Brock Lesnar’s WWE career. Or you can you can step into this ring,” Paul said. “Because in Suplex City, you’re not ‘Goldberg.’ You’re ‘Next.’” Oooh, using Goldberg’s trademark catchphrase on him. That was a classic burn! Bill didn’t wait too long to reply, as he tweeted he was “booking [his] flight” to return to the WWE on the Oct. 17 episode of Raw!


Bill and Brock's last match was often criticized, as fans (who knew that both men were leaving the WWE right after WrestleMania XX) booed them out of the building, per Bleacher Report! For years, Goldberg distanced himself from the WWE until he was included as an exclusive downloadable character in WWE 2K17. With Brock teasing a match in commercials for the video game, some wondered if they'd get to see one of the biggest rematches in the WWE's recent history!

It has been 12 years since Goldberg stepped in a WWE ring, let alone wrestled in a match. He has been very candid in his comments especially with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN that he does not owe Lesnar another match, setting the stage for a colossal meeting.While Goldberg and Lesnar are friends off camera, that does mean it will translate when they come face to face. Whether it is a match at Survivor Series, TLC or WrestleMania 33, the match everyone wants to see if going to happen. Solidifying a date and continuing the buildup is all that is left before WWE makes this happen.The talk of Goldberg's return began back in March, as a potential opponent for The Undertaker when the Dead Man was booked in the Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon. Rumours swirled that Goldberg would replace the son of Vince McMahon, but it never materialised.Now that Goldberg is part of WWE 2K17, he will remain a hot button topic, which means WWE cashes in on his continued stardom and his potential in the ring.There many reasons for wrestling fans to get excited about his return. Here is a look at five reasons why fans want Goldberg back in a WWE ring.

#1 Unfinished business

It has been 12 years since Goldberg stepped in a ring. Now, with the landscape changed and new "players" on the roster, there are plenty of new opportunities for him with new opponents. Right now, WWE is focusing on Lesnar the baddest man on the planet.

The match between Goldberg and Lesnar at WrestleMania XX with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee was both Goldberg's final match with WWE and Lesnar's final match until his return in 2012. After Goldberg won the match following a Jackhammer, both men were given a Stone Cold Stunner by Austin on their way out.

#2 Name recognition

There is something still electric about Goldberg's name when it is brought up in wrestling circles. The fans chanting "GOLDBERG", the pyrotechnics and the look of the warrior headed to battle. There was and still isn't anything scientific about this man.

He is a brawler and fighter from the get go. And when there was talk about him appearing in Dallas this year to face Undertaker, it created momentum for this type of event. Take the Dead Man out of it and replace him with Lesnar. It takes the magic to another level.

Fans want to see what is still left in the tank. Can a man who hasn't looked at a wrestling ring in over a decade make it happen once again?

#3 WWE 2K17

It wouldn't be a complete package, or this would not happen if Goldberg had not agreed to be part of the video game experience. I am not a video game guy, but I know many who are. The idea of bringing the veteran back to be part of the technological era is something WWE is excited about and so are fans.

Now, with his likeness added to gaming, fans can use his character in many matches they have only dreamed of before and talked about in social media outlets. It also means Goldberg could be part of the massive promotional tour that will continue until his match with Lesnar and beyond.

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